Reviews & Testimonials


I wasn’t actually sure whether anyone could properly interpret my customization requests, but what these guys did actually impressed me. I was particularly pleased with the amount of effort they put into getting even the smallest things right – the particular shade of color I wanted for my kids’ playroom, the soft toilet seat I wanted in the bathroom, the one-way patio windows I wanted. These were all little things it was easy to get mixed up, but Avalon Homes took my ideas and turned them into 100% reality. I love my house!”


I wanted to make a real statement with my house without making it look tacky, and Avalon Homes got the idea perfectly. My house is the most comfortable and luxurious building that I know, and yet it looks refined and classy, just how I want it.


Avalon Homes really impressed me with their careful attention to detail. In addition to specific room positions and facility specifications, I also wanted some unusual customizations for my house including a light management system that makes use of natural and electric light seamlessly without having to hit a button. I was really impressed with the value I got for my money. It came out exactly the way I had imagined it.